Yoga Hikes with Yogihiker
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11 Forest Lane - Santa Fe - NM - 87508

Yoga Hikes with Yogihiker

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3 Element Yogihike: Join us in a celebration of 3 elements of a healthy life: Hiking, Yoga & Meditation in a New Mexican Native American tradition guided around a medicine wheel.  We conclude on the mountain saddle with a picnic ayurvedic vegan lunch. Approximately 4 hours. $195/person, plus tax. Trip participant minimum of two people.

Traditional Yogihike: We begin our Yogihike in the Santa Fe National Forest, hiking about 45 minutes up the mountain.  At the apex of the trail, we set up our sacred outdoor yoga studio o practicing yoga for an hour an
d then hiking back down.)  Total approximate distance is approximately 3 miles with a 700 foot elevation gain. Traditional Yogihikes are approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. . $135/ person plus tax.  Minimum of 2 people.

For those interested in a longer and more challenging hike, we offer our Extended Yogihike which is approximately 4.5 miles long. $160 per person, plus tax.  Minimum of 2 people

Principals of Yogihiker: The underlying principal of hiking and yoga is simply being.  Yes, there’s movement, but the physical actions are simple, repetitive, even meditative.   Yoga asks that you devote yourself fully to the moment, no matter how challenging a pose may be.   To be fully present during practice is to stay with all of the sensations until it’s time to come out of a pose.   As in hiking, there may be a great distance between you and your destination, and there’s only one way to get there.   There’s no avoiding climbing over boulders, no cutting through switchbacks, no jumping to the finish line.   Being present means continuing down the trail, enjoying the journey as much as, if not more than, the promise of the destination.  We offer you a ‘New Mexico True” outdoor adventure that feeds the soul.

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